MagEZ Case 5 - Perfect for iPhone Series

Aramid fiber weaving

MagEZ Case 5 Designed for iPhone Series

Sleek and Durable

Woven, Not Printed

Pioneering Innovative Weaving Techniques: A Leader in Advanced Material Science, Lovelyniche Elevates Material Innovation


Free recycling and exchange


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Special dyeing process

The phone case will not fade during use

Aramid fiber weaving process

The delicate texture on the back of the phone is produced by the aramid fiber weaving process, which can enhance the feel and prevent it from falling.

Raised design

Raised protection design to prevent scratches on the phone lens


Our phone cases are crafted from high-quality aramid fiber, a primary material used in making Kevlar phone cases. It provides excellent protection and durability for your phone, ensuring it remains safe and secure at all times.

# 2

Experience ultimate protection without sacrificing the sleek design of your phone with our half-wrap Kevlar phone case. Crafted with precision, our case features a unique striped pattern, leaving the volume and mute buttons exposed for easy access. Enjoy the lightweight and durable nature of Kevlar while ensuring your phone remains safe and secure

# 3

Every product on our site is meticulously crafted from premium aramid fiber, ensuring both exceptional durability and a sleek, minimalist design. We prioritize the protection of your phone while preserving its stylish appearance. Aramid fiber not only offers outstanding resistance to wear and tear but also provides a lightweight and thin profile, delivering a premium feel akin to using your phone without a case. Choosing Lovelyniche ensures that your phone remains both fashionable and high-quality, blending seamlessly with your lifestyle

Product specification

MagSafe compatible



0.69mm min


13g min

Case Materials

Aramid fiber




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Lovelyniche's cases are beautifully designed, and despite being thin, they have magnets inside. This means you can use your iPhone with MagSafe accessories like wireless chargers and power banks. (Note, however, that not all cases support MagSafe)
If you like the almost "caseless" look of your phone, the Lovelyniche Ultra Thin is a great choice. We think it's beautiful without taking away from the design of the phone